The 780 Computer – That Could Have Been

Ever wondered what that odd blank space is on the dash next to the cigarette lighter? If you have a 1991 model, you (and originally some 399 others) in the USA, have a "Nuncio Bertone" signature plate. The plastic plates were with a green, raised letter, signature, denoting the final run of the 780. But [...]

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The Bertone Volvos at the Volvo Techo Classica April 2015

Volvo Cars will be exhibiting two 780 Bertone, a total of five Bertones at the massive vintage and classic car show in the German city of Essen in April 2015.   Volvo is showcasing the Bertone Volvos in German during April.  In the course of its 88-year-long history, Volvo Cars has turned to Italy on a number [...]

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Proving Grounds – Testing 780 Prototype in Australia

Baking interior trim Down Under and a Wild Ride Across Europe (1984) In 1984 the 780 was ready for endurance testing for warm climate durability. So several of the pre-production cars were sent to Australia where the Volvo and Bertone team drove from Sydney to Perth, across a grueling baking hot terrain, some 42 hour [...]

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Welding Together a 780

Welding without Grinding Another example of Volvo’s exacting standards causing a significant reworking of a process was how Bertone assembled body panels on the 780. Bertone, like most coachbuilders of the day, used basic hand tools to fabricate the sheet metal. When panels were joined they were welded and then ground smooth. This was not [...]

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Mystery 780 – Anyone Seen This One?

780s were fairly similar, with limited technical changes over the years (see technical info for year over year changes). But in 1989, in preparation for the 1990 Detroit International Motor Show, the Volvo team in the US, based in Rockleigh NJ, created a 780 "concept car".   Volvo's press release described the car: "The striking [...]

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