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Concept Build – Engine Out!

After hours of work below and above the car we managed to get the engine (B230FT) and the transmission (AW71) out as one unit.  The Concept 780 had lived a good bit of its life with the third owner on the Pacific coast so there was a good bit of salt air pitting of [...]

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Concept Build – Interior Disassembly

The process of removing the interior of a 780 down to the bare metal is no small task.  Volvo technicians back in the day often complained about having to work on the 780 because many of the interior parts were different than the 700 and 900 series of the day and they were easy to [...]

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Mystery 780 – Anyone Seen This One?

780s were fairly similar, with limited technical changes over the years (see technical info for year over year changes). But in 1989, in preparation for the 1990 Detroit International Motor Show, the Volvo team in the US, based in Rockleigh NJ, created a 780 "concept car".   Volvo's press release described the car: "The striking [...]

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