In 1988 Volvo introduced their Multi Link rear suspension on all 780 models, following the introduction on the 760 the year before.  780s made in 1986 in Europe, and in 1987 in the USA and all other markets, had the solid rear axle.  The improved ride quality was evident in the more technically advanced split axle system.  After 30 years the concept 780s rear axles were getting tired and in need of restoration.  We took them on Christmas eve (worked out that way while visiting family in Atlanta)  to an axle rebuilder who fully restored them and we flew back with the axles in our suitcase.

The Rebuilding Generations team had the challenging job of pulling the heavy rear end and breaking down all the components. Many of the bushings are no longer available, but the ones on the concept car are in usable condition. We did upgrade all of the rear differential’s bushings with higher performance bushings from Kaplhenke racing.

Lots of cleaning and then respraying with undercoating was required to get everything back to a factory-new look. Now the job of reinstalling…