Side Window Frame Renovation for 780

By: Jonas Hagberg Gothenburg, Sweden   One of the common issues that effects most 780s after 25 years, especially in more humid climates, is rust around the rear side window frames. The rust is generally not noticeable at first and requires the removal of the rear seat and side panels to fully verify. This document [...]

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Media and Press Quotes on the 780

Over the six year run, the 780 was featured in numerous car magazines and press releases. Here are a few of the more memorable quotes: The Positive: "As a commercial proposition, the 780 was a glass half-empty. As a car, however, it satisfies like a full snifter of quality vintage brandy." Collectible Automobile, April 2004, [...]

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The 780 Computer – That Could Have Been

Ever wondered what that odd blank space is on the dash next to the cigarette lighter? If you have a 1991 model, you (and originally some 399 others) in the USA, have a "Nuncio Bertone" signature plate. The plastic plates were with a green, raised letter, signature, denoting the final run of the 780. But [...]

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Common 780 Problems

If you have a 780, of any year, chances are you have run into some of the same weak spots in these cars.  When we met with some of the production team from Bertone, they were curious what was causing concerns 25 years later.  Given that few of the actual 780 Bertone team ever had [...]

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Meet the 780 Team

For many in those days, from managers to line workers at Bertone, the 780 days are some of the most positive. Three decades later, many of them still meet together to reminisce and attend the annual reunions. Interestingly, some 1,200 miles away in Gothenburg, a similar group of former Volvo 780 team members also gather [...]

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About Carrozzeria Bertone

Carrozzeria Bertone of Turin, Italy, has been a center of automotive styling and design excellence since its founding in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone.  Like Pininfarina and Zagato, Bertone’s coachwork has long been associated with such legendary Italian automotive marques as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, and Lamborghini, but Bertone also produced designs for other automotive companies, [...]

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