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780 News

35th Reunion of Volvo and Bertone Team in Turin Italy

It is hard to believe it has been 35 years since the Volvo and Bertone Team began working together on the creation of the 780.  In the summer of 2019 they gathered for a historic reunion. Read the full story in full article published in Rolling Magazine: Rolling Volvo 780 35th Reunion FINAL Nov-Dec 2019 p12-16 […]

New Designed 1:18 Scale Model 780 Impressive

It’s hard to believe that a model building company would make the tremendous effort needed to create a 1:18 scale 780 model some 30 plus years since the car was introduced.  Ben and his team at DNA Collectables, out of Switzerland,  have gone to great lengths to recreate the 780 in all of its detail.  […]

Don’t Junk Your 780!

A recent AutoWeek article showcases another 780 that met its demise in a pull yard in California.  Finding a 780 in a pull your own parts scrap or junk yard is rare for sure, but not unheard of.  What is sad it that they ended up there because someone figured that the car is only […]

How to Fix the Cracks in a 780 Dash

The 780 was extreme tested in the hot Australian outback in 1984. The results were good overall but, no surprise, the searing hot, oven like, temperatures meant a number of the interior trim panels needed to be reengineered. After a few weeks in the sun there were issues. With the trim shrinking and coming unglued […]

What is my Volvo Bertone 780 worth?

What is my Volvo Bertone 780 worth?

780 Hearse

Here are some pictures I saved some time ago from an Italian ad of a 780 converted to a hearse. Does anyone know where it is now? and perhaps the VIN nr for our registry? We’d love to hear more about it.

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