Many 780’s at some point in their life need a respray. If that involves removing the side Bertone badges on the C-pillar, this often leads to the question how to put them back in the correct position. Of course many painters forget to measure beforehand and just use their best guess. Very often the badges end up symmetrically on both sides and this is not correct. Other painters have even more creative solutions.

When looking for the correct placement information, many owners turn to Volvo documentation or even to Bertone but to no avail. It just doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

Hedwig Lambrechts, a long time 780 enthousiast and authority from Belgium, has spent several years measuring badge placement on actual cars that were known to be in their original coat of paint. All these meticulous measurements have resulted in the attached drawing that can be helpful for other 780 owners. No guarantees on correctness of course but given the amount of dedication Hedwig has put into this it must be pretty close and very usable.

One easy to remember rule of thumb is: The “b” is placed before “bertone” when reading left to right