Concept Build – Wiring Wonderland!

The Concept 780 restoration team has added yet another element to this restoration- an upgrade to the Bosch LH2.4 fuel management system.  The B230FT "Redblock Turbos" came with the LH2.2 system in 1988-1989 but in 1990 they made a number of improvements including upgrading all 1990 and later models to the LH 2.4.  The 2.4 [...]

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780s with Hidden Writing and Fingerprints!

The 780 was built by hand in Turin (Torino) by Bertone under the watchful eye of Volvo. And it makes sense that the 1,500 Bertone employees took pride in their work and saw themselves as old world Italian artisans and coach builders. Did you know that most of our cars have some hidden words, even [...]

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Concept Build – Engine Out!

After hours of work below and above the car we managed to get the engine (B230FT) and the transmission (AW71) out as one unit.  The Concept 780 had lived a good bit of its life with the third owner on the Pacific coast so there was a good bit of salt air pitting of [...]

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Concept Build – Interior Disassembly

The process of removing the interior of a 780 down to the bare metal is no small task.  Volvo technicians back in the day often complained about having to work on the 780 because many of the interior parts were different than the 700 and 900 series of the day and they were easy to [...]

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