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There has been no organized effort to keep statistics on the remaining 780’s in United States. During the production of the 780, in which 8,518 were produced, some 5,700 were imported to the US. This site is an effort to determine how many remain, what condition they are in and where in the world they are currently located.

There is also an intriguing story behind the vision, production and legacy of this car between two world class manufactures Volvo and Bertone. Those who worked on this project, from both companies, still regard the days of producing the 780, roughly 1982 – 1991, as some of the best days of their professional carriers.

There are variants of the 780 only available in Europe and other markets. The Dutch Volvo Bertone Web site is a wonderful source of information for the 780 offerings in the European markets – www.volvobertone.com. They also have a registry that attempts to track all of the Bertone built Volvos.

The core content on this site was first compiled by a guy named Eric back in March of 1993. The GeoCities site, was closed and the content was moved to a new location by Patrick Whitaker, who became interested in 780 when he bought a 1991 (serial number 011750) in October, 2003. He has since sold her to a new owner but is still involved. Davies Owens is now coordinating the registry for the Volvo Club of America and he owns a 1991 (serial number 011650), which has been showcased at Volvo club events around the country.

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