The car sat in the Volvo warehouse at their headquarters in Rockleigh NJ for 8 years before being sold “new” in December of 1997 to its first owner in California, a flight attendant with American Airlines. The car would then pass through three other owners and always stay in the state of California until I found it in 2016 in an impound yard in Sacramento.  The third owner lived by the Pacific coast and 780 has some of the worst rust of any 780 I have seen.  Fixable but not easy and almost all of the rust is around the window seals and where the untreated steal plates were attached to the lower portion of the car when the fiberglass body kit was attached. (No one at ACS built this for anything other than getting through the NYC Auto Show!)

The unique body kit is also missing a full panel on the drivers door and the front passenger side valence is missing after the forth owner drove over a curb!  The original wheels were found a year before and are reunited in these photos from when the 780 arrived at my home, after driving itself 600 plus miles, nine hour drive from California under its own power!

Oddly the driver’s door panel is missing but overall the interior is in good shape. A donor 780 is going to be providing these missing pieces

The biggest challenge will be fabricating the missing fiberglass body panels and matching the one of a kind blue hue pearlescent paint (a very expensive process in 1990!) and will be hard, but not impossible to match.  The work begins!