Ever wondered what that odd blank space is on the dash next to the cigarette lighter?

If you have a 1991 model, you (and originally some 399 others) in the USA, have a “Nuncio Bertone” signature plate. The plastic plates were with a green, raised letter, signature, denoting the final run of the 780.

But back in 1985, the earliest plans for the 780, were to offer a onboard diagnostic computer.  This would be similar to what later models, like the 850 included in the dash.

Hans Gustavsson, who was the Volvo 780 project manager,and made the debut speech presenting the car on March 5, 1985 at the Geneva Motor Show, announced  “the 780 would have a trip-computer that supplies the driver with various kinds of information which easily can be controlled by the driver … this computer is fitted in the instrument display…”


This is a photo from an early 1986 model that is in the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg.