Tom Steverink (Unknown)

VIN: YV1782687HD001527 (see owner timeline)


Initial delivery information:
  • Delivery country: Sweden
  • Delivery dealership:
  • First registration date: November 11, 1988
  • Delivery remarks:
Owner: Whitehorse (see profile)



My first 780! The B280E is the "Nordic" variant and the body has N° 001019. This car has been delivered new to Sweden, but the "date first on the road" is a lot later then the date it was built....26/11/1986 according to the Volvo production records. Maybe it has been used as a demonstrater? It is imported into the Netherlands, I don't know by who and in which year, I bought the car for little, because the engine would only idle and there where some issues with bushes, steering joints etc. And some rust ofcourse! In the meanwhile I emigrated to France in februari 2013 and took the car with me, so it is on Fsrench plates now. A truly International car: Swedish, Dutch, and now French! My friend Alexander in the Netherlands, who has restored his own 780, has solved the electrical problem with the engine, I have changed joints etc. and have repaired the holes in the roofside on the leftside of the car. Since then I use the car sometimes when the whether isn't too bad. It runs like a dream!!! This winter I started to fix the 2 holes in the rightside in the roofside. In the future I want to fix the frontseats and perhaps a coat of paint on the car! More pictures etc. on, my blog (sorry: in dutch language) :

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