YV17826970D009903 (see owner timeline)


Car make, type
Volvo 780
Car Chassisnr
Model year
1989-1991 (French)
Engine type
B280F (V6)
Transmission type
AW71 (Automatic)
Exterior color
019 Black
Interior color
2970 Dark Grey

Initial delivery information

Delivery country
Delivery dealership
First registration date
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Owner Profile: Wandoren

License plate
Licensed in country
780 Coupé V6 PRV
Ownership start
September 12, 2019
Odometer start
198000 Kilometers
Ownership end
Odometer end
201000 Kilometers
Limited hobby use
Car webpage


Cause of non-use I am selling my Volvo V6 PRV – BVA
Color Black, Dark gray interior. A very nice car for a careful collector.
Original vehicle approximately 198,000 km, completely restored body and engine for an amount of approximately 35,000 euros and more.
Engine: break-in 1000 km tightening of the cylinder head currently carried out less than approximately 201000 KM, the radiator, belt, water pump, rollers, battery, hoses, exhaust line and probe etc. have been replaced by parts new. BVA and bridges checked and drained
Bodywork: has been redone (the rust spots under the rear windows, around the windshield, the rear window and around the sunroof), new paint. New windshield. The sunroof seal is original because it is no longer available.
Interior: the leathers have been impregnated with wax, the carpets and the headliner have been cleaned. The roof lining was reinforced with a sheet of glass. The tunnels, the dashboard, the interior fan as well as the stereo, etc. have been replaced. The seat motors have been checked or replaced.
Points to check: Air conditioning to check and recharge, the amps have a small assembly defect with the ignition key and the headlight water jets to check.
Purchased in my name in 2019 – MOT every 5 years OK (Restoration release 03/01/2021).
Original notebook and partial invoices present.
Price: 26,500 euros

My story with this car

A restoration with many surprises and very ++ (very) expensive, (the prices of the parts are crazy, the labor too) today the price of the car is much lower than all the expenses incurred for the get back on the road.