YV1HA8724LD010060 (see owner timeline)


Car make, type
Volvo 780
Car Chassisnr
Model year
Engine type
B230FT (4cyl turbo)
Transmission type
AW71 (Automatic)
Exterior color
189 White
Interior color
2950 Beige

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Delivery country
United States
Delivery dealership
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License plate
Licensed in country
United States
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Odometer end
Limited hobby use
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My story with this car

I purchased it from a gentleman in Utah approximately 3 months ago. He had it for 12 years and worked on it sporadically. When I purchased it, it had been sitting outside under a car cover for a few years as he had since undertaken an older Mercedes 480 as a project.

I purchased a new battery for her, topped off all the fluids, and drove her 800 miles to my driveway without a problem.

The inside was extremely dirty, almost black, and I have managed to clean the leather to where it looks respectable again. The back seat was full of old parts, which marred the seats a lot. I am actually looking into having them resurfaced. I cleaned the roof liner and had to remove the cloth from the sliding moonroof due to extensive damage. I installed a new Kenwood Bluetooth head unit, but retained the graphic equalizer functions, repaired the cracks in the dash, replaced all the speakers, installed a Volvo edition Garmin Nuvi, had all the windows tinted (5% back and 20% front). I filled in all the paint chipped areas and then applied a coat of color restorer and waxed it 3 times. I found a brand new air dam on eeuroparts and installed it as well as repaired cracks to the grilles. I stretched the leather around the driver door to conceal the ply board that was showing, repainted the black trim with black trim restorer, and replaced all the bulbs in the vehicle, including the back reading lights, which were inoperable when I purchased it. I also recut a new board for the spare tire cover. The one it came with was in 6 different pieces.

I recently ordered a set of Bertone floor mats for her and am still looking for a few trim pieces and a fuel door.