YV1HA8722MD011645 (see owner timeline)


Car make, type
Volvo 780
Car Chassisnr
Model year
Engine type
B230FT (4cyl turbo)
Transmission type
AW71 (Automatic)
Exterior color
408 Red Pearl Metallic
Interior color
2950 Beige

Initial delivery information

Delivery country
United States
Delivery dealership
First registration date
Delivery remarks


Owner Profile: IvanB

License plate
Licensed in country
United States
Ownership start
November 6, 2021
Odometer start
175893 Miles
Ownership end
December 11, 2022
Odometer end
176193 Miles
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The car has been baselined by a local Volvo mechanic.
The fuel sending unit, pump, filter, lines both soft and hard have been replaced as well as the injectors. It has all new fluids and a new used maf. I have new parking brake cables, ipd nivomat conversion kit, and rubber filler neck hose included with the sale that I haven’t put on yet.

My story with this car

I found it on Craigslist in Bel Air Maryland. A 91 year old man was selling it because he had been given it as some sort of debt settlement. I got it for cheap because it didn’t run. It had been sitting in a barn for 20 prior to him owning it, he doesn’t know why it was parked so neither do I. Because it was under cover the paint is in great shape. When I got it back to my house I stripped out the interior to the floor panels and cleaned it and insulated the floor and sent off the carpets to be cleaned and the back seat and deck to be cleaned and redyed. My goal throughout this whole process was to turn it into a commuter car. The gas mileage is too poor and the car too rare for me to feel comfortable doing that. That being said it runs great, I drive it frequently around town and have driven to a car show two hours away from my house with no problems. It’s not practical for my current situation and I’d rather focus my attention towards my Land Cruiser.