Christoph von Arb (BL 33598)

VIN: YV1782697LD010156 (see owner timeline)


Initial delivery information:
  • Delivery country: Switserland
  • Delivery dealership: Geneva
  • First registration date: August 30, 1990
  • Delivery remarks:
Owner: CvA (see profile)


Notes: (in German) First owned by a Swedish diplomat in Geneva, Switzerland. 1999 bought by a Swiss Volvo dealer who stored it until 2012, when I bought it.

How I found my 780? I owned a P1800 Coupé and a friend of mine had asked me for years if I would sell it to him whenever I want to get rid of it. One day I had the feeling that I want to change to a 780 and told my friend that he can buy my P1800 if he can find a very good 780 for me. He was both amazed and desperate. Amazed about the chance to have the opportunity to buy my P1800 and desperate because it's so hard to find a good 780 here in Switzerland. So he asked if we could as a first step visit his Volvo dealer to have a look at my P1800 so that we get an idea of the prize we're talking about. During this visit we told the dealer about our dilemma with the 780 - and he said: well I have one of Switzerland's most beautiful 780 in the basement. You can have it. That was in 2012 and since then I'm the proud owner of the blue 780!

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