YV1HA8723KD008587 (see owner timeline)


Car make, type
Volvo 780
Car Chassisnr
Model year
Engine type
B230FT (4cyl turbo)
Transmission type
AW71 (Automatic)
Exterior color
400 Champagne Beige Metallic
Interior color
2910 Grey/Brown/Black

Initial delivery information

Delivery country
United States
Delivery dealership
First registration date
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Owner Profile: 21Volvos

License plate
Licensed in country
United States
Ownership start
August 3, 2020
Odometer start
227930 Miles
Ownership end
Odometer end
Limited hobby use
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My story with this car

I've been a Volvo guy since I was a child. My grandfather bought his first new Volvo around 1960 - our family has had dozens. I've owned 23 Volvos (currently 4) and a Polestar 2. I own NAPA Auto Parts stores. One of my customers is a long-time Volvo guy. At age 75 he decided to give me his 1989 780 because he knew it would be a good home for it! He is correct! The car had been sitting for about 2 years before he gave it to me. The catch was I had to pay for necessary items to get it back into running condition. It cost about $3,000 - well worth it! It is an original car inside and out. The body is in good shape - minor blemishes, the interior, not so good. The seats need reupholstering, and the dash cover is cracked. The original stereo was removed years ago - I'm trying to find one. The turbocharger (it is a 2.3 turbo car) could use rebuilding, otherwise it runs reliably and well. I love this car - never thought I would own one. It resides in my barn next to my 1980 Coupe and 1965 1800S (purchased new by my grandfather).