Bob bgpzfm (none)

VIN: YV1HA6927JD005627 (see owner timeline)


Initial delivery information:
  • Delivery country: United States
  • Delivery dealership:
  • First registration date:
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Owner: (see profile)
  • License plate: none
  • Licensed in country: none
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  • Usage: Storage
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From new, this car was imported from the factory to the USA. It went through an unknown number of owners in the US before a gentleman in Canada purchased the car and imported it there. He gave the car a full engine rebuild, adding Eagle Premier cylinder heads, and tidied up the car significantly. In mid 2015, I bought the car from him and imported the car to Australia, where it is presently the only 780 in the country. Plans for the car include a body respray in the original colour and a conversion to a metric speedometer, R134a air conditioning, and right-hand-drive to meet the requirements of local registration regulations.

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