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VIN: YV1HA6927JD005398 (see owner timeline)


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Seen for sale October 18th, 2017
From the ad: The first owner had it for 23 years, t still has the original keys and magnetic remote fobs. It is currently licensed and titled in Florida.
Recent work to car within the last 6 months includes a new a/c compressor, ew belts, ew brake pads, adio display repaired, ew oil pressure sender, ew spark plugs. Most everything works as it should and very well. The electric release for the fuel door doesn't work(manual release on door pillar works fine). Dent on roof as shown in pics. The drivers seat does not fold forward access to the back seat is only through the passenger side. The car has never been wrecked or repainted. The paint is in great condition except for some fade on the drivers front fender it's very light and didn't even show up in pictures.

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