YV1HA8724KD007674 (see owner timeline)


Car make, type
Volvo 780
Car Chassisnr
Model year
Engine type
B230FT (4cyl turbo)
Transmission type
AW71 (Automatic)
Exterior color
019 Black
Interior color
2950 Beige

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Delivery country
United States
Delivery dealership
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Owner Profile: Anonymous_

License plate
194 CLE
Licensed in country
United States
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My story with this car

Seen for sale October 18th, 2017
From the ad:
This car has a Some good IPD equipment on it including : Anti-Swaybar set front & rear with polyurethane bushings (Rare rear swaybar for early IRS (See Picture) / Nivomat load leveler replacement kit (Includes Rear shocks & Springs) / Stainless steel braided brake lines At The calipers / High capacity all metal construction Radiator / Polyurethane Alternator Bracket Bushings / New fuel pump & prepump - Many more new parts have been installed - a complete maintenance log is included.
This car got rearended a couple of years ago when I was sitting at a stop light. The car was totalled but I bought it back from the insurance company and fixed it good enough to drive. I pulled out the damage and got the trunk working & latching and replaced one tail light. Someone bumped into the back again while it was parked in front of my house and pushed the bumper back in on the left side. I just left it this time and kept driving it.
This car was my daily driver from 1999 until last month. In runs and drives fine except for the fact that it has gone through several power stages (Spark Amplifier) recently. I don't know why they are going bad. It hasn't left me stranded, ut threatens too. Quits then restarts. Quit completely in my driveway once. This car should be used for a parts car at this point. It has good tags through april. You can drive it home. I don't reccomend driving it too far as it quit on me on the way to work the last time I drove it. I drove it back home without any problems. The powerstage is probably on it's way out again.
This car has been leaking while sitting beside my house. The carpet is wet and beginning to mildew.
Right Rear Quarter has a buckle (See Picture)
This car has a clear (Salvage) Oregon Title.