Over the six year run, the 780 was featured in numerous car magazines and press releases. Here are a few of the more memorable quotes:

The Positive:

“As a commercial proposition, the 780 was a glass half-empty. As a car, however, it satisfies like a full snifter of quality vintage brandy.”

Collectible Automobile, April 2004, pg. 85

The Less than Positive:

“The Bertone-designed two-door was the perfect car for someone who craved the impracticality of a coupe, the additional cost of a designer label, and the anonymous styling of a Volvo sedan.  At 100 yard, only the keenest eye can distinguish a Bertone from its lesser 740/760 brethren.  Though interesting because of its rarity, owning one of these stealthy coupes in not unlike buying a Fendi bag and ripping the labels off.”

Tom Appel Collectible Automobile, April 2004, pg. 85

“The Bertone 780 is probably the prettiest Volvo ever built, but it’s still a ‘fold along the dotted line and insert Tab A in to Slot B” design.  This car stands out in a crowd like a bratwurst at Octoberfest.”

Frank Peiler as mentioned Collectible Automobile, April 2004, pg. 85

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