Common 780 Problems

If you have a 780, of any year, chances are you have run into some of the same weak spots in these cars.  When we met with some of the production team from Bertone, they were curious what was causing concerns 25 years later.  Given that few of the actual 780 Bertone team ever had [...]

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Proving Grounds – Testing 780 Prototype in Australia

Baking interior trim Down Under and a Wild Ride Across Europe (1984) In 1984 the 780 was ready for endurance testing for warm climate durability. So several of the pre-production cars were sent to Australia where the Volvo and Bertone team drove from Sydney to Perth, across a grueling baking hot terrain, some 42 hour [...]

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Looking for Parts?

One of the greatest challenges to owning a 780 is finding replacement parts. It isn't uncommon to come across a "totaled" 780, which only had minor bumper damage.  Something as basic as a bumper replacement can cost an insurance company more than the value of the car. While the 780 is based on the 760 [...]

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