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Bob Austin's task of promoting the new Volvo 780, as the head of marketing for Volvo of North America, was no small job.  The US market was going to be the biggest, with some 5,600 of the 8,518 cars shipped to the US.  But from the dealerships to the buyers, no one new or expected [...]

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Common 780 Problems

If you have a 780, of any year, chances are you have run into some of the same weak spots in these cars.  When we met with some of the production team from Bertone, they were curious what was causing concerns 25 years later.  Given that few of the actual 780 Bertone team ever had [...]

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Looking for Parts?

One of the greatest challenges to owning a 780 is finding replacement parts. It isn't uncommon to come across a "totaled" 780, which only had minor bumper damage.  Something as basic as a bumper replacement can cost an insurance company more than the value of the car. While the 780 is based on the 760 [...]

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Buying and Selling

The ability to find a well preserved 780 is becoming increasing difficult. As "daily drivers" have passed through a half dozen owners and endured the wear and tear of twenty plus years of the elements many have inevitably ended up going the way of the generic 740 to the pull-a-part yard and on to the [...]

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Buying Tips

Engines B280F PRV V-6 The reputation of the B280F PRV V-6 is, and will continue to be the subject of ongoing debates between Volvo owners and enthusiasts alike. The engine was the result of a collaboration between Volvo and the French automakers Peugeot and Renault. The engine first appeared in the 1976 Volvo 264 sedan [...]

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