Vehicle Colors Interior/Exterior

Volvo 780 Color and Interior Codes/Vehicle Data Exterior Colors Year/VIN Letter: VIN: 1985 (F) 1-(preprod.) 1986 (G) 60-720 1987 (H) 1200-3235 1988 (J) 4000-6334 1989 (K) 6500-8939 1990 (L) 9001-10427 1991 (M) 11302-11750 019 Black X X X X X X X 130 Silver Metallic X X 173 Red X 189 White X X X [...]

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Equipment Summary

Volvo 780 Standard Equipment, U.S. model Safety Driver-side supplemental restraint system (SRS) Airbag Four three-point seat belts with pretensioners on front belts Front and rear head restraints Anti-lock brakes (ABS) Power central locking system (doors), Power decklid release and fuel filler door release, Remote trunk and fuel door release Locking Differential (1991 only) Power door [...]

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Side Window Frame Renovation for 780

By: Jonas Hagberg Gothenburg, Sweden   One of the common issues that effects most 780s after 25 years, especially in more humid climates, is rust around the rear side window frames. The rust is generally not noticeable at first and requires the removal of the rear seat and side panels to fully verify. This document [...]

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Restoration of the sunroof on a Volvo 780 Bertone

By Jonas Hagberg Gothenburg Sweden This document is created to give you some guidance in how to restore you sunroof in the best way possible with the original parts and in a reasonable budget. Since the sunroof is no longer available from Volvo, it’s up to us enthusiast to unite and do what is possible [...]

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Common 780 Problems

If you have a 780, of any year, chances are you have run into some of the same weak spots in these cars.  When we met with some of the production team from Bertone, they were curious what was causing concerns 25 years later.  Given that few of the actual 780 Bertone team ever had [...]

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Welding Together a 780

Welding without Grinding Another example of Volvo’s exacting standards causing a significant reworking of a process was how Bertone assembled body panels on the 780. Bertone, like most coachbuilders of the day, used basic hand tools to fabricate the sheet metal. When panels were joined they were welded and then ground smooth. This was not [...]

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Colors & Interiors

Color/Interior Volvo 780 Color and Interior Codes/Vehicle Data Exterior and Interior Color Codes The 780 Coupe was offered in a select number of color choices, some of which were not available to any other models in Volvo's lineup. The three-digit number preceding the name corresponds to that color's code assigned by Volvo. This code can [...]

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