780s with Hidden Writing and Fingerprints!

The 780 was built by hand in Turin (Torino) by Bertone under the watchful eye of Volvo. And it makes sense that the 1,500 Bertone employees took pride in their work and saw themselves as old world Italian artisans and coach builders. Did you know that most of our cars have some hidden words, even [...]

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Privacy In order to join the 780Coupe Registry, users are required to provide a username, password and email address. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any user. We are authorized by you to remove or edit any data submitted by you to the Registry to correct errors or for any reason we [...]

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About this site There has been no organized effort to keep statistics on the remaining 780's in United States. During the production of the 780, in which 8,518 were produced, some 5,700 were imported to the US. This site is an effort to determine how many remain, what condition they are in and where in [...]

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Meet The Team

Meet the Team This is the current 780coupe.com team, feel free to contact them with questions

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