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Davies Owens (x)
VIN: YV1HA8726MD011650 (see owner timeline)

Trunk liner

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    I came across this photo on a 780 that was posted for sale. I can see in the trunk (boot) there what appears to be a custom trunk liner. I have never seen one before. Has anyone seen such an item? It would be ideal to keep things clean from spills.  I had no idea one was ever made by a vendor for the 780.

    Johan VlagsmaJohan Vlagsma
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    That looks nice! Wouldn’t it be the same as for a 740 sedan? I think the platform is identical? Still hard to find one of these I imagine

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    Good question. I figured it would be slightly different but you may be right.  I owned a 1988 740 Turbo Sedan years ago and I should know!  It just seemed to be different, just like the floor mats are close, but not exact


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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