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Sunroof seal – installing

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    I read the article about restoring the sunroof. I have tried to do that and I have some questions :

    What kind of glue to use when installing the seal?

    I have two glasses with frame. I had the other one sandblasted by the
    professional. He also glued the glass back on. For some reason both of the
    glasses are glued to the frame so that the lip where the sealing goes is
    much narrower on the other side. Is this OK? It is much harder to install
    the seal to the side where the lip is wider than to the side where it´s
    Any idea what I mean? The narrower lip is facing the rear end of the car when the sunroof is installed.

    I purchased a new seal and would like to have this done as perfect as possible. I already tried to install one seal but it´s coming off. I used butul glue and I think that I used it too much. That may be the reason why the seal is coming off. Butyl glue does not dry so I thought that it would be a good choice. They use it to install windshields. I also accidentally cut it too short =( .

    Man, trying to restore these vehicles takes you to bankruptcy =).

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    I’m impressed you found a seal. They are hard to locate and very expensive. I’ve ask the author of the sunroof article to post a reply to your question. We will all be glad to learn more about the best way to do this restoration. I need to do the same thing to my 1990!

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    Great! Thank you!

    First one I found from http://www.skandix.de and the other one from http://www.gcp.se. They are sold out in skandix now…

    It seems that every 780 has rust problems with sunroof.

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    Hi again!

    Correction : the wider part of the lip faces the rear of the car when the sunroof is installed.

    Here´s a picture of the “lip” that I mean. The arrow shows the lip and the lip is narrower on this side :

    Lip where the sealing goes

    Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    I used the glass specialist that replace windshields to re-glue both my glass and seal. form what I understand they used the same glue for the seal as for the glass. I guess its some sort of polyurethane based glue (not sure if that’s the correct term). my tip would be to ask your local automotive glass service what they would recommend.

    regarding the lip. I would say that it’s always best to have the same sized lip around the entire glass (centered glass). but if it differs with a couple of millimeters I really don’t see that this would effect in a way. as long as the seal have enough lip to grip to and be able to stay without glue (as a test) I think you’re safe.

    if it differs a lot I guess the outcome will be that the seal doesn’t seal properly in the roof opening once it’s installed.

    But if you really want to be on the safe side. take it all to the specialist an have the install both at the same time. I remember that my glass specialist told me that he installed the seal while the glass and frame still hadn’t cured. this gave him enough play in the glass so that the seal “centered” it during the installation.

    I’m really sad to here that you cut one to short.. I would have been devastated in that situation since it’s not cheap

    haha yes you really have to dig deep in you pocket to purchase parts for these cars.

    hope this can be of any help.

    BR Jonas

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    Thank you for your reply!

    I think it is strange that the lip is sized differently on both of my glasses. The seal goes over the glass in both sides but on the side where the lip is wider it is very difficult to get it over the glass and even more difficult to have it stay there. I have the glass glued on by the specialist so I really would not like to take it off and glue it back to the frame once again…

    I will let you know hat´s happening…

    – Mika

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    I’ve kind of done 2 of them, I tore them apart and the body man put them together.  I used a wide sharp nylon scraper and “food service” silicone lubricant and the seal just falls off. The body man used the same glue as he uses on the wind shield. It was not a big job, putting the last  one in has been a project though. Also used brake cleaner to clean all the parts.

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    Hi Allan,

    Did you notice that the lip where the seal goes is wider on the other side? I tried to explain it on the previous posts.

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    Any new leads on sources to purchase a new sunroof seal. Mine in pretty bad. Must be some options. Use seal from 740 or 940?

    nasty sunroof seal

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    Also interested in sunroof seal suppliers!

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    Any news? Also interested in sunroof seal suppliers:)

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