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Spare cable for trunk opening

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    I read my owner´s manual and it says that there´s a spare cable for trunk opening behind the rear seats. I´m wondering where it is exactly.

    Just curious…

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    That is very interesting. I have never heard that referenced before and having fully parted out several 780s, I haven’t seen anything. Can you send more information on what ” behind the rear seats” means? Does one have to pull out the rear seats?

    I have replaced my broken cable with an inexpensive bicycle brake cable. Easy to run through the conduit and reattach to the release mechanism.

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    I haven´t seen it myself either. It is just printed on the owner´s manual: “The spare cable for the trunk opening is located behind the rear seats” . This is the 1987 manual.

    hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    I have seen this cable you speak of. I noticed it when I took my rear seat out a couple of months ago. It’s located behind the backrest of the left passenger. in the area of where a seated passengers left shoulder would be. the cable or wire have a loop in one end which is tied up around a rubber hanger. I think I have a picture of this, but I’m not sure how to upload it on the forum. perhaps it’s only on the -87 models, since mine is that year as well.

    br Jonas

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    Mine is a 91 and was completely torn apart and I did not see a cable, I was not looking for one but should have seen it though.

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