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Seats on fire issue

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    Don Weaver sent me these photos of a 1987 780 he has that had the dreaded “seat on fire” problem. I know back in the day, Volvo had issued a recall on the seats, which I know was done on my 1991. I’m wondering if there is a way to confirm the upgraded wiring was installed, or at what point did Volvo fix the issue from the factory, if they did at all during production, which I doubt since my late model 1991 (Nov 90 production date, with last production on Dec 7 1990) would suggest no 780 had it right from the factory. Thoughts?

    Seats after short caused fire

    Interior of car smoked out

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    Is it just the passenger seat that has this issue?

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    Is it the heating wiring or some other wiring that causes this?

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