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Power Seats Not Moving

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    I know that in many cases the problem with the front power seats is within the seat switch where the small metal toggle and the steel contact balls become corroded. I have had success removing the small plastic switch top and then cleaning the contacts in the switch. But I am now having the seats work sporadically at times going forward and back. Has anyone had success taking the seats apart and repairing the internal seat contacts and wiring? I’m assuming some of the soldiering has dried in places. (I have had a 1989 760 with the STOP button on the switch that has also gone bad but that disabled the entire switch from working and had to be bypassed.) In my 780s the seats seem to also have issues with the retracting forward using the special side/slider switch un the upper side. Mine seems to only work to move the seat forward for someone getting in the rear seat about half the time.

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    I believe that the seat controls on the 91 are different from the 88 (that is the switching for back seat access) but here is a couple of problems I have had,
    1)only 1/2 of the seat back reclines
    2)STOP button
    3)intermittent operation
    4)passenger seat goes forward with warning
    The repairs were,
    1) from the motor on one side to the gear on the other side there is a cable much like the old speedo cables, it compresses over time and only the motor side works, pull the cable out, cut about a 1/4″ of a 10-32 screw and drop it in the tube, replace the cable put the seat back together and it is good for another 30 years.
    2) water and compressed air, caution should be used with contact cleaner as some of it eats plastics
    3) cleaned and lubed contacts
    4) changed the seat from one 91 to the other.

    Andrea81Andrea Salata
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    Hello, I’m experiencing some issues with the power seats on my 1988 780, only some of the buttons are still working on the driver’side. I tried to take apart the whole control panel but I got stuck somewhere once I pulled it out, since it seems like I can’t detach the logic board from its case, and I didn’t really understand what I’m supposed to do to follow your instructions. Do u have any pic to post and show us?

    I would like to be able to fix this myself without taking it to the mechanics.



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    Allan, thanks for the description of the repairs. I’m finally getting around to pulling my seat and trying to figure this repair out.  When you say cut about a 1/4″ of a 10-32 screw and drop it in the tube”  Are you taking about cutting back the drive cable (I assume the end is stripped). What is the detail of a 10-32 screw in the tube? Not sure I’m following. Your details are helpful.  Any photos possible?

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    On both my seats only one side of the seat backs recline. I want to try the repair of cable, but cant figure out how to remove the back upholstery. The Volvo repair manual simply states to pull out the metal rod holding the upholstery together. But the rod collides with the metal frame when I try to push it out – even when the back is reclined all the way down. How did you manage to disassembele this?

    Picture here

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