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Part that are the same across the 700 series. even the 780.

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  • Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    Hi everyone,

    thought that it would be a good idea to start a discussion to share some knowledge and experiences that we all have form working on these cars. especially on the topic of which parts from the other “similar” models (700) that will fit on to ours and that can be found in the scrap yard.

    I’ve resonantly learned that the side window motors are the same in all 700 series. The same goes for the central locking motors as well.

    also if your motor on the fuel filler panel (lid) stops working you can use the central locking motor as a replacement. Be sure to connect it the right way though. so that it pulls not pushes when you press the button.
    for this it doesn’t matter which door you take the central locking motor from. The motor itself is symmetrical and will fit on to the holder in the trunk as the old one was mounted to.

    anyone else have something to share?

    br Jonas

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    Great topic Jonas. I didn’t know it was the same fuel filler panel motor, that is good to know.

    Obviously the engine and transmission, suspension elements are generally the same, as are the 700 series Bosch fog lights. And most of the interior switches, instrument cluster, turn signal indicator and wiper stalks, sun visors, dome light and electronics from the climate control system of the later electronic ones in the 1988 and later 780s are the same as the 940s and 760s of the day.

    Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    thanks for those inputs!

    The motor isn’t exactly the same. But close enough. it’s slightly bigger in one direction so it interferes a bit with some sound insulation. luckily this insulation is soft and can be pushed aside without anything happening. but the most important bits lock just like and have the same measures as the one in the 780.

    the gas struts for the trunk lid can also be used form the 740 sedan on to the 780. I think they have slightly less in lifting force. put worked fine when I tried it. length and mounting wise it’s the same.

    BR Jonas

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    I was thinking of many of the US models with the B230FT that were in 240s, 740s and 940s, but I know many of the European motors do not have as many cross overs.

    Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    I think we miss understood each other. I meant the central locking motor ūüôā saw now that I just wrote “motor”. sorry for that confusion

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    Outside door handles are same as 700/900 black/chrome

    Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    Thanks for the input Don. it will come in handy for someone I’m sure

    NicholaswjNicholas Johnson
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    From what I can gather, the 780 is largely based on the 760/740 chassis… if not the same chassis with just a different body.

    Just based on looking closely at pictures, here’s what I’ve come up with for similar or upgrade parts. ¬†Again, this is purely on my own observation¬†and unconfirmed.¬† If you know for a fact, please <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>correct me</span>.


    • Black plastic trim bezels around the headlamp switch, fog ligh switchs, hvac controls, radio, and fuse panel looks the same.
    • HVAC vents looks the same.
    • Center arm console looks the same.
    • Gauge cluster looks the same.


    • I think the outside mirror assemblies are the same (at least¬†the blue glass heated ones), but the bases are different.


    • I think the front suspension is the same, except for the anti-sway bar due to the PRV V6.
    • A 24mm 960 front anti-sway is supposedly a¬†drop in replacement. You need to use your sway bar brackets though. ¬†Although I heard the 780 has a 23.5mm bar, so not much of an upgrade if true.
    • The rear IRS suspension should be the same as the ’88+ 760 (and also the ’90-’94 mk1 irs¬†960).
    • I’m not sure if the 760 ever came with a rear sway bar, but the mk1 irs 960 did. ¬†To use it you’d need to swap the whole rear subframe and arms from the¬†960 to gain the mounting point for the sway bar (and a locking diff!) OR supposedly make your own brackets:¬†


    • Pretty much can only find 740 exhaust systems available. ¬†It seems like they are the same, except for the hump that normally goes over the SRA. ¬†I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to modify / adapt a SRA exhaust system to an IRS car. ¬†I’m researching what others have done to this regard when changing over their 740/760 to IRS.
    • ’90-’94 mk1 irs 960 has a locking diff. ¬†Swap the whole rear subframe over. ¬†Also nets you a rear sway bar.
    • Engine is the same as 760 GLE


    Will update as I find more.

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