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Leather seat reconditioning

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    While the 780 came from the factory with some of the highest quality leather seats available at the time, most of the regular use 780s, after 25 years, have fairly stretched and dried leather. Has anyone found a product that does a good job of making the leather more soft? I know at some point it is beyond repair.  I have used Connolly’s Hide Care with some success, but I’m wondering if there is a more aggressive and effective restoration product.

    I know there are kits that fill cracks and then respray or dye the seats, but it would seem to fill up the pours of the leather with dye rather than restoring the moisture. I’m not a leather expert but there must be a way some best practices.

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    When I bought my 780 the leather was in rough shape. The back seat was severally cracked and pulled away from the one of the headrest. I tried a number of products; furniture leather restorer,  ArmorAll Leather Care and others that didn’t really do anything. I got a hold of a local Italian leather craftsmen (because central NY is swimming with them) and he said that the best stuff for price and effectiveness is Clarks Leather Lotion.

    I’ve been using it ever since and it has saved my seats. It has no dye and it rehydrated the leather like a dream. The cracks are gone and the scratches faded. I reapply it every two-four weeks. However, it the beginning I coated it on every three days for a week or two.

    Im sure there are other products but I’ve had great results with this.

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    Thanks for the tip. The odd things is that I can’t seem to find anyone online who sells it? Any idea?  Even the Clark shoe website doesn’t seem to offer it.

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    LEATHERIQUE. They have been around for many years. Offer conditioner that can restore dry leather but will take patience and some hands on work. I met the Canadian supplier and he showed me some real seats he has reconditioned. I just started to use on mine and is showing improvement. They also can supply dye matched to mfg standard or a sample from your seat.


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