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    New to the forum, but not new to Volvo’s.  Have been driving Volvo’s faithfully since 1978 and for years my two sons drive them too. Only Volvo in my fleet now is a 1990 780 that have owned since 05. Part of the fun owning one of these is the treasure hunt for parts. Current search is for an exhaust system. Since mine is swiss cheese with beer cans and hose clamps all over, it’s time for a cat back replacement.   Starla, Walker, Bosal, NAPA and Volvo have not made the independent suspension version for years.

    Has anyone found a source for these parts other than a custom job?

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    Rock Auto has some pipe listed on their site under 1987 year, although I have not ordered any to verify the fit.


    Edit: Also, if you click on info after expanding the exhaust system kit, you will be shown a diagram with part numbers for the V6 exhaust system, maybe this can be used to aid your search?

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    Found an on line catalog from AP Exhaust. Looks like they show a system for 88-91 760/780. No notes on if it does or doesn’t fit independent rear suspension.  The bend over axle is two pipes separate from mufflers. Maybe twisting and angling of the two pipes will allow universal installation on both axle versions. All  4 cylinder parts are different than 6 cylinder parts per catalog.

    Check it out http://www.apexhaust.com  online catalog, page 611, image 10712

    Have messaged a re-seller to see if they can still get stock, will let you know how it works out.

    Dan, Will check out Rock Auto, thanks for the reply

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    Ok,  I have been through an exhaustive search for exhaust parts. Only parts out there seem to be old stock from AP Exhaust even though AP still shows the Independent Rear Suspension version on their website. Was able to piece together 4 of the 6 required large parts on ebay. Here is what I have so far on a cat back system.

    28291 Front Pipe   –  Not Available

    3353   Front Muffler  –   Got one and two are still available

    28292  Front Over Axle Pipe  –  Got one but No More Available

    18048 2nd Over Axle Pipe to Rear Muffler  –  Not Available

    2053 Rear Muffler  –  Not Available

    700309 Cheaper Universal Fit Rear Muffler Substitute  –  Got One,  available from multiple vendors.

    24808  Tail Pipe  – Got One

    Have sent out multiple emails and made calls to AP Exhaust dealers to try and special order missing parts. Got a bunch of no can do replies. Vendor on ebay, Midwest Auto Parts has the couple remaining items listed above.

    Dan Benedek – Only parts I could find at Rock Auto are for Non Independent Rear Suspensions



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