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Cracked dash repair

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    Anyone found a good product to fill the cracks in the dash. I suspect 95% of the remaining 780s have the splits at the sun sensor in on the passenger side. I’ve been told by many repair folks it isn’t possible to repair the splits due to the extreme temperatures it has to endure, but I’m sure something must work. I’m checking with a local repair shop that someone recommended. I’ll let folks know.

    Hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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    I once mended a cracked VW beetle dash with some boat silicon sealant.. this is not a premium fix. but it worked.

    I cut the cracks in a V shaped “ditch” and the filled with sealant and sanded it flat with 240 sandpaper on a sanding machine.

    but nothing I recommend for a 780..


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    I have read good reviews on this padded dash filler. See the ad on Amazon:

    I have also ordered a new satin color black spray to respray the color to blend once the patch is in. I will be experimenting on this and posting the progress.

    I’m also working on steps to restore the wood on the dash and doors. 99% of 780s need, or will need these repairs

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