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Cold Blooded PVR V6

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    Hi Everyone,


    I have had my 87, 780 for almost three years and she has always had this one constant problem. I do not know if other 780’s with the PVR V6 engine have this issue. I have filed through forums through many websites and no one else has mentioned this problem. She has a very cold-blooded engine, very cold indeed. I have to idle the engine for 15 minutes before she runs properly.  Sometimes when I set off, the engine spits and sends a steady vibration which rocks the car. Then almost by magic she smooths out and feels right/powerful. When the engine is warmed up the car is very quick and buttery smooth however, if I sit at a red-light, the engine starts to idle poorly, making the RPM needle dance between 15oo-500 RPMs. Sometimes she can stall or just make the famous idiot lights faintly come on. I am finding that using a fuel cleaner (Royal Purple) can help tremendously and pretty much solves the problem temporarily. I use 87 octane level because of the V6, should I be using something else? I’ve replaced, fuel filter/pump, wires, plugs, and the exhaust system.

    What am I missing?



    Thank you

    Keep ’em Rolling.

    Christophermercon@gmail.comChristopher Mercon
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    I am of the opinion that the PVR V6 ran on magic and prayers.  The one PVR V6 780 I had would run perfect one day and then not start for a day then start and then may die for half a day then run for 20 mins then die for 3 weeks. you get the idea. There seemed to be no logic whatsoever to the way these things were wired.

    Johan VlagsmaJohan Vlagsma
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    Hi Sean,

    Have you checked the basics? I would probably start by checking the entire intake side for air leaks, torn hoses, poor fitting clamps etc. but also all gaskets in the intake right to the block. Idle rpm hunting is an indicator for air leaks. Especially look for hoses that are normally tight but eg when bending have a leak, this gives the occasional problems like you mention


    PS have converted your car so the specs are right: http://780coupe.com/ownership/sean-corbin-none/

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    Thank you Christopher and Johan for replying. The note on RPM hunting is very helpful and I will pay close attention to the intake side.  She has 135,000 miles and I wonder how high these engines go in milage.


    Thank you for your time.


    PS Thank you Johan for changing the specs.

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    I would also check the distributor cap, rotator, spark plugs and spark plug wires.

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