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Car runs fine but will just die.

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    Four times in recent drives my 1988 780 has just flat died. Three times all the red lights went on and nothing would work. I replaced the ignition switch (which had to come from Italy) and put in a new top-end battery. Car passes CA smog. Fires right up even after sitting a week or two. I rarely drive it and now am afraid to drive it for fear of being stalled somewhere unable to even roll up the windows so I can lock up and go for help. any and all suggestions please! After tows to garage the car would start right up before a mechanic even looks at it.

    Johan VlagsmaJohan Vlagsma
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    Hi there, this sounds like the engine is occasionally starved for fuel. This is the V6 right? If it were the 4 cyl turbo I’d start looking at the fuel relay (bad solder points) and the fuel pumps (main and in-tank) as these tend to be common problem area’s. Not sure about the V6 but the general direction of looking for the fault would be the same. Hope some else can chime in

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    I would check the fuel relay on V6 too. I would also check the alternator, alternator wiring and all the grounding points.

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    I have a PVR and it always had issues with not running consistently well. For years I troubled shooted the problem but got tired of the engine stalling and then running fine, as if I hadn’t solved the problem. I’m my experience, the PVR  never burns fuel cleanly without maintenance. What I’ve done to keep it running smoothly is:

    Replace the spark plugs and wires, fuel injector cleaner, new fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator and fuel relay.

    I  routinely check these with every oil change. So far that has helped a lot with my engine running smoothly.

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    Had a similar problem on my 1990 turbo model. Would be cruising down the interstate and engine would just shut down. Got to were I couldn’t trust the car. Did all the usual  7 series troubleshooting, fuel pump relay, grounds, etc. Ended up being an easy fix. There are multiple red power feed wires going to positive battery terminal and the factory crimp was randomly losing connection, even though it looked clean and tight. Cut all the wires back and installed new, good quality battery terminal and that corrected the problem.

    Also had a 760 towed into my shop with same complaint. Ended up being in the fuse box, one of the spade connectors under the white fuel pump relay had pushed out of the block and was making intermittent connection to relay. Car would run fine, then just shut down leaving the poor guy stranded somewhere.

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    Good to know about the need to check the integrity of the battery cable. I can see how that could trick one into thinking it is connected but not actually be secure.  And thanks for the suggestion on confirming the fuse box spade. The challenges of an almost 30 year old car!

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