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'87 Volvo 780 2.8 V6 Headpipe Wanted

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  • Carl StevenCarl Steven
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    Does anyone have a head pipe for a 780 2.8 L v6? I am referring to the pipe that comes directly off of the two exhaust manifolds and leads to the catalytic converter.

    A good used one would be fine. The previous owner seemed to have cut away too much of my existing headpiece and I don’t think I can repair it. I am located in the greater Detroit area zip code 48350.



    Volvoman43@gmail.comDon Weaver
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    Hi Carl,
    I should have one on a car, takes some work to remove one and a fairly large box to ship it.

    I’m Don in Kansas.
    913 403-9865

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    Hi don,

    Do you have more parts to the V6? Please look at my wanted ad where I´m looking for a metal bracket to the V6.

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