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My fuel door electric opening system did not work either.

To test were the fault was, I put 12 volts on the top orange cable (there are 2 and both are orange) that go to the opening switch on the dash, and the hatch opened up.

Hence 12 volts was not reaching these cables….I checked the relay (sits left to the OD relay) but it worked fine…clicked when I turned on ignition. Opened it up to see if I could find any other issue….but no…12v were coming out from pin 87 when triggered.

Then I looked at the gray plastic connector on the relay box…and amazingly the orange wire going to the switch was connected in a wrong position on the gray connector. I took out the cable with its spade connector and moved it up one position…and then it all worked!!

Incredible but true…at the factory they had connected the outgoing orange cable in the wrong place on the relay plastic mount.

The relay is a “small one”with a “steel metal” look..part number 1259926.

Hope this helps in case you also have problems with the hatch…

Btw…the entire fuse/relay holder comes out if you unhook a little black latch to the left…then just wiggle the entire piece out.

Be careful not to disconnect any cable….could be a nightmare if one cable comes loose and you do not know were it should go. He, he…