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Finally, and unfortunately, the hull is slated to be taken to the grave yard next week. It took me some time to locate usable wheels and tires to roll the skeleton out on but now it is ready. I will be saving and storing all stainless exterior trim, mirrors, some random electric motors for things like door locks, complete set of lock cylinders and keys which will hit eBay in the coming week, fuel door, main wiring harness and engine wiring harness and some other small things. I also have the air guide set aside, believe it or not I’m still looking for a large enough box.


I have two AW-71 auto transmissions for this car, one I know works and the other I was told works but have no way to test it. Unless someone here is interested in one or both, I do not hear of these transmissions going bad often so I will be sending this car off with both of them.


If there is something else anyone is looking for please let me know, otherwise this is it, the flatbed will be arriving in 5-7 days depending on schedule.