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Thank you for the kind words Mika, I am happy that part is useful and makes another 780 more complete.


Right now I still have the 780 but am actively seeking a scrap business to come purchase it and remove the vehicle. Bumpers are going back on it to be scrapped. I will keep some of the interior trim (door sills, misc small seat plastic – stuff like that) as well as some exterior trim (Rocker panels, all glass, all stainless rub strips as well as stainless window trim). I will keep these briefly trying to sell them and then they too will be scrapped if they don’t go.


Photos below are for JW, finally parts are ready.  Some of the seat motor controls or motors may be from a newer model 780 (90 instead of 87). There are a bunch of seat motors under all of that pile of wiring, I believe enough for two pairs of seats, maybe more – these are the motors directly under the seat. There is, however, only one or two seat back motors since these are extremely difficult to get to I didn’t remove them from the current seats. Seat computers are also in the pile under everything.