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Sure, I can put aside the button portion along with the computer boxes – but how many? I have at least 2 sets of boxes and switches, possibly even 3 sets! I also have just as many sets of seat motors if you’d be interested in those as well.


The interior parts, I’ve already destroyed the back seats (back and bottom), the rear interior trim that goes up the back pillar of the car and the interior trim that goes up along the roof that holds the headliner up, I believe it also runs down the front pillar by the windshield. No one seemed to want these pieces so they’ve been destroyed/disposed of. I will hold off on throwing away more for the time being. Radio trim is being sold, radio trim bracket will be listed on eBay soon. I’m also going to be pulling the fuel door, lock sets and some more parts like instrument cluster. I’ll probably pull the motors that open the trunk and door locks since these have sold in the past, along with all car computers even though they’ve not sold but they’re easy to store. The truck carpet will be taken since it is pretty good condition but other than that if there are no requests in the next few weeks, the rest of the car will sadly meet the grave yard. 🙁


Keep in mind, if you need sheet metal to fix your dented or rotten car, I can cut any section at all that you may need to repair any damages. The car is pretty rust free Florida car.