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Aye, I saved all of the window frame since I knew it was one part that rots on some 780s. I have two pairs of frames. It is almost 6:30 PM here in Florida, and I have work 9-5 tomorrow but will work on getting those frames down for you and send pictures.


Also – All – I will begin listing parts that are not requested here, on eBay. Headlights, tail lights so far on. My user name there is Bek. (it has a period at the end or you wont find me). I will try to work through the forums first to avoid the fees but I understand through a forum is risk since you do not know who I am. However, I am a big name if you check DeLorean forums (dmctalk.org) user name dn010. Cadillac LaSalle club forum as well, same username since I am also a vintage Cadillac owner. 🙂