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Long story short:
In 90’s in Poland was warehouse of Volvo Classic, for about 2005 Volvo decided to close it – unfortunately they were externimate everything from warehouse – they decided not to sell those all stuff.
There was only parts for volvo Amazons, PV, series 100/200 and 700. All plastic parts were sending to Germany for burning, the metal one was driving to scrapyard.
And guy who I met, was working in that warehouse, they could take some parts before destroying it. I wanted to buy from him a set taillights for my 780, but one of condition for transaction was buying from him everything that he have – and I hd to buy couple of sets of tailights, USA headlights and some more for series 100 and 200.
Thats all 🙂

I know that taillights doesnt have expiration date so they can wait in my basement, but I have o lot of parts and I just want to make some space 😉