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LUCAS / Metzger Quick Brake 0594  (160 0x25) $12.00
Bosch has the same kit.  

This kit has 4 shoe retainers, 2 long springs, 2 short springs. Kit replaces
the Omega retaining ring/contracting spring on the 780’s (at least the 89).
When fitting for the first time, the wheel hub has to come off.  You need to pull the
bolt holding the dust shield out, mount the retaining shoes (2 per side), with the
hook facing out.  The shoe center edge fits into the retaining shoe hook.  This
keeps the shoe from pop out and supercedes the Omega ring which also acted as
an upper return spring.  In place,  the kit uses a long string on top (end where
the parking brake spreader is).    Replace the bottom fixed spreader bar, and hook
the short spring to pull both bottoms together.    There is a YouTube video showing
then entire rear 940.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuR1kfqwH2o.   They are
doing it on 940 which already has the newer shoe retainer (they are also reusing what
was there) , so they don’t have to pop the hub to install new retainers.