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I understand that price was for a complete bare door, no interior panels. I don’t think Volvo UK holds a stock of 780 parts so everything has to come from Sweden so the prices should’nt be much different for you in the USA. I’m looking for 780’s but as we know they are scarce. They were never officially imported into the UK by Volvo but some have been privately imported. I remember in the late 90’s there was someone who lived about 10 miles from here who had a black 780 and a 262c but I hav’nt seen either of them for years. There is allegedly someone in Leicestershire who currently owns 2 780’s. There are no definate figures for the number of 780’s here in the UK though.

On another note the Japanese 780 that I owned appeared to be some sort of limited edition that was done in conjunction with Diners Club. It had a bootlid badge that read ‘Diners Club Limited Version’ and DC decals on the front wings. I have not manged to find out anymore about this on the web, anyone on here know anything?? I can imagine that the 780 could well have looked dated in 1990 Japan and was possibly hard to sell at the time so maybe Volvo sold a few cheaply to Diners Club who ran some sort of competition for some of their lucky members to win a 780??