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I enquired last August at my local Volvo dealer about general 780 parts availability. It is surprising just how much is still available from Volvo themselves via the Volvo Classic section.

I have since sold my 780 which was one of the 416 or so officially sold in Japan.

The windshield is apparently still available at a cost here in the UK of £ 226.50 + vat for supply only. It would have to come from Sweden but would arrive within 1 week.

I’ve since sold my 780 but I was impressed at how good main dealer parts availability is in the UK especially considering the 780 was not officially sold here!

Other parts that I was informed were still available for my car included (VAT must be added to these prices):

Front Wings   £ 284.50

Headlights  £ 320.00 (set for driving on the left as in Japan)

Rear Lights  £ 236.50

Bonnet  £ 550.00

The biggest surprise to me and the parts manager were just how cheap the doors are; £187 + vat!!

The parts manager at my local dealer is very clued up having been a Volvo man for over 20 years. If you want their contact info just pm me.