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nicholaswjNicholas Johnson
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From what I can gather, the 780 is largely based on the 760/740 chassis… if not the same chassis with just a different body.

Just based on looking closely at pictures, here’s what I’ve come up with for similar or upgrade parts.  Again, this is purely on my own observation and unconfirmed.  If you know for a fact, please <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>correct me</span>.


  • Black plastic trim bezels around the headlamp switch, fog ligh switchs, hvac controls, radio, and fuse panel looks the same.
  • HVAC vents looks the same.
  • Center arm console looks the same.
  • Gauge cluster looks the same.


  • I think the outside mirror assemblies are the same (at least the blue glass heated ones), but the bases are different.


  • I think the front suspension is the same, except for the anti-sway bar due to the PRV V6.
  • A 24mm 960 front anti-sway is supposedly a drop in replacement. You need to use your sway bar brackets though.  Although I heard the 780 has a 23.5mm bar, so not much of an upgrade if true.
  • The rear IRS suspension should be the same as the ’88+ 760 (and also the ’90-’94 mk1 irs 960).
  • I’m not sure if the 760 ever came with a rear sway bar, but the mk1 irs 960 did.  To use it you’d need to swap the whole rear subframe and arms from the 960 to gain the mounting point for the sway bar (and a locking diff!) OR supposedly make your own brackets: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=145089


  • Pretty much can only find 740 exhaust systems available.  It seems like they are the same, except for the hump that normally goes over the SRA.  I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to modify / adapt a SRA exhaust system to an IRS car.  I’m researching what others have done to this regard when changing over their 740/760 to IRS.
  • ’90-’94 mk1 irs 960 has a locking diff.  Swap the whole rear subframe over.  Also nets you a rear sway bar.
  • Engine is the same as 760 GLE


Will update as I find more.