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Johan VlagsmaJohan Vlagsma
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The window is in a steel frame and the frame is screwed to the body so yes, it comes away in one piece. I didn’t need to replace any seals or anything. I do remember the window frame has a snug fit into the cars body, a bit of push is needed and care not to pop it out suddenly and breaking it. It might also be easy to lever it out with a screwdriver, that way you’re on the side where the window comes out and can catch it. (more difficult to write it up than to do, it will be obvious). I would plan about 6 to 8 hours for the job and do it indoors. Oh, before I forget, while everything is open check the drainage hoses. Make sure they are not clogged and don’t leak to the inside of the car. Also check drainage holes in the bottom of the space and vacuum away any rust that may have gathered there.