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All from memory: For the back seat, push the seat into the back and then pull the front up, it unhooks at the front. For the back rest, fold away the hooks. These are plain visible when the seat is out. Then unhook the back rest pushing it up. I think the shelf needs to go also (not sure what it is called proper in English). The cladding at the B post needs to go (undo seat belt etc), the cladding above and behind the side window need to go, then the side panels can go. Most of the panels are held in place by clips. I hate clips, they always break with me 😉 By this time you can remove the damp barrier and get access to where the window frame is held in place. Remove the window+frame by gently pushing it inwards after undoing all the screws (9 or so for the window). The rest will be obvious once you get there. The way back is the reverse. Good luck and have fun! Perhaps you can take some more foto’s, always appreciated.