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If it happens to be that vacuum line pictured, that line controls your fuel pressure regulator so a leak will impact your fuel pressure. Any vacuum leak will result in poor engine operation since it is getting additional air and with EFI it is air that isn’t accounted for (MAF isn’t seeing it). A major leak can keep your engine from running or keep it bogged down during idle. Go over your rubber vacuum lines, anything that is cracked or brittle should be replaced. Any line that is resting on an engine part or engine compartment parts should be inspected since they can rub through and develop a hole due to all the vibration. If you’re suspecting the engine has a vacuum leak, get a can of starting spray or carb cleaner with a straw and spray it around, particularly the intake with the engine running. If you spray an area and notice the engine RPMs increase, it indicates you’ve got a leak there.



Dan B