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I believe that the seat controls on the 91 are different from the 88 (that is the switching for back seat access) but here is a couple of problems I have had,
1)only 1/2 of the seat back reclines
2)STOP button
3)intermittent operation
4)passenger seat goes forward with warning
The repairs were,
1) from the motor on one side to the gear on the other side there is a cable much like the old speedo cables, it compresses over time and only the motor side works, pull the cable out, cut about a 1/4″ of a 10-32 screw and drop it in the tube, replace the cable put the seat back together and it is good for another 30 years.
2) water and compressed air, caution should be used with contact cleaner as some of it eats plastics
3) cleaned and lubed contacts
4) changed the seat from one 91 to the other.